So you want to exercise but you’re too busy with work, family, errands, and other daily tasks? You shouldn’t give up working out altogether. After all, exercising regularly, even for a short time, has many health benefits and will help you be more focused at work, sleep better, and be in a better mood. 

But if your schedule is so tight you don’t know where to squeeze in the time for working out, here are some ways you can add exercise into your busy life. 

Walk to work

If you commute to work but it’s not too far, consider walking there. If you necessarily need to take public transportation, maybe try to walk one extra station and get on the bus or train at the following one. If you’re in a rush in the morning you can also try doing this when you finish work on your way back home. 

Take the stairs

Unless you live and work on the ground floor, you may have to climb a few flights of stairs throughout your day. If you’re always taking the elevator, switch to taking the stairs as much as possible. Of course, if you work on the 23rd floor maybe it can be complicated but at least take the stairs for a few floors every now and then. It’s an excellent cardio exercise!

Wake up earlier 

This one is quite obvious but it shouldn’t mean waking up at 4 AM. Even setting your alarm to go off 15 minutes earlier in the morning can allow you to get some exercise done. Especially if you have children that need taken care of in the morning, squeezing in those extra 15 minutes for yourself can help you increase your energy and have a better mood throughout the day. 

Stretch at your desk

If you’re always sitting at your desk, consider doing some stretching exercises. This will not only help relax your muscles that are probably tense from all the sitting but it will also help get energized and be more focused. There are plenty of exercises you can do seated or standing. It’s even better if you have a standing desk so you don’t even need to stop working. 

Exercise in your breaks

You’ll certainly take a few breaks from work during the day. Instead of just chatting with colleagues or having a coffee, try to squeeze in a few exercises like some squats or jumping jacks. Especially in the afternoon, this can help get your heart rate up and give you a boost of energy, even more than a coffee. 

Run your errands. Literally

You don’t necessarily need to run to the supermarket. But instead of getting in the car, how about a brisk walk to the store? Unless you live miles away from any stores, you could combine your errands with some aerobic exercise. Even cycling to the store can be a great idea!